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Welcome to the launch of our new business. Beyond the Barn Doors is truly a labor of love. A love for creating warm, cozy and inviting homes. A love for old pieces that tell a story. A love for small country towns. A love for collaboration and creativity.

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Shelly Eagen and Bonnie Townshend, the brains and the crazy behind "those barn doors". It all started one evening, yes, over a glass of wine, when this adventure unfolded. We hit the ground running, searching and collecting vintage home furnishings and accessories that are old, new, and cool. We have been traveling the Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New England countryside, searching for eclectic pieces that promise to add texture, interest, and comfort to your home. Our creative side has inspired us to make necklaces featuring historic tobacco tags and antique keys, as well as customized vintage signs and scented candles.

Two styles define our collection. Shelly favors a rustic look, while Bonnie leans toward the more refined. This makes for a creative and balanced design approach. To prove our point, can you figure out which dog belongs to which girl? Yep, the rugged guy, Tucker, goes with Shelly, and the fluffy one, Leo, is Bonnie's baby.


Two times a year, we will hold a sale of our "finds" in a 4000-square-foot dairy barn, dating back to the early 1900's. The barn sits on Shelly's picturesque property in Oakton, Virginia, a farm previously owned by a number of prominent local families, each making enough of an impression that many a street and a neighborhood in our neck of the woods are named for them ... Bennett, Fox and Miller.

Our mission is to bring "country" closer to our customers, making it easier for them to decorate their homes with affordable and unique pieces that would otherwise require hours of driving and shopping to find. Some of our wares are re-designed and re-purposed, some newly-made. Some shabby, some chic. Some rustic, some elegant. But all ... beautiful.

About Shelly

For years, I've worked in design, both interior and outdoor living, and it is truly my passion. Now, I'm excited about launching my own business and more freely expressing my artistic side. I enjoy mixing old and new pieces - all vintage in style, with an eye toward creating comfort, coziness and warmth. The character of old pieces really appeals to me, and I constantly imagine what stories must be connected to these great finds - who were their owners and what went on in their homes? If only furniture could talk. Through Beyond the Barn Doors, I've also been able to pursue my passion for creating original pieces, sometimes by salvaging and re-purposing old ones, other times by starting completely from scratch. I'm inspired by the idea of making people happy by designing furniture and accessories that speak to them ... adding to the comfort of their homes, or serving as a special gift for someone they love.

About Bonnie

I'm just re-joining the workforce after years of being a stay-at-home mom, and I'm so excited and grateful to have something to do! Of course, I bring impressive "multi-tasking" skills to our new venture, but more than that, my "claim to fame" is my love of shopping! My husband would say I'm quite good at it, too! I also have a true passion for photography. My three beautiful girls have been my inspiration for snapping photos, but I also enjoy capturing the stories that beautiful old furniture has to tell.

Our Village

When we say that this is a labor of love and that it takes a village, we mean it. As much as this is our venture, it is also one that relies heavily on the good nature and helpfulness of our loving families. Shelly's four children, Michael, Christian, Ali, and Jake (ages 13 to 21) and Bonnie's three girls, Taylor, Brooke, and Paige (ages 13 to 20) are part of the "crew" - they haul furniture, help us "re-purpose" by sanding and painting, share their ideas on how we can grow our business, and shamelessly promote our accomplishments to their vast network of friends via instagram and facebook. Then, there's Bonnie's husband, Scot, who wears a bunch of hats on our behalf - he's the tool-time guy, the "muscle", the tech guru and the business mentor all rolled into one. We'd also like to thank K&R Industries for lending us a truck for those heftier gems that we find. And where would we be without our ultra-supportive girlfriends? We can't make necklaces fast enough to keep up with the demand generated by our peeps!

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